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Read About Speedway Safaris – A Tour Operator in Rwanda

Read about Speedway Safarisl: We are a Travel and Safari Company operating gorilla tours and wildlife safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. A member of the Association of the Uganda Tours Operators (AUTO), AAB Tours and Travel specializes in offering the following services:

We organizes wildlife safaris to various National Parks and games reserves in Uganda and Rwanda. These tours and safaris comprise of:-

  1. Rwanda Gorilla Safaris,
  2. Uganda Gorilla Tours and Safaris,
  3. Wildlife Safaris,
  4. Chimpanzee Safaris and other primates tours
  5. White water Rafting in Uganda on River Nile
  6. Cultural, Nature and Community Tours in Uganda and Rwanda
  7. Mountain Climbing Adventure especially for Rwenzori and Mount Elgon in Uganda
  8. Bird Watching Safaris and Tours
  9. And Car Hire Services: we have the following line of vehicles for hire ranging from:-
    (a) Prados,
    (b) 4X4 land cruisers,
    (c) Saloon cars,
    (d) Land rovers,
    (e) Range Rovers
    (f) Heavy Commercials (Small, Medium and Huge Trucks)
    (g) Trailers, Graders, Excavators, Crane/Heavy load lifting services and all types of road transport services.

For Uganda Safaris or Rwanda Gorilla, contact AAB Tours and Travel well in advance and at a short notice for all the necessary preparations.

About Speedway Safaris