Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

To enjoy Gorilla Trekking Rwanda tours, one must have booked a Gorilla permit well in advance to allow him to participate in the activity. Gorilla Trekking is the major activity and attracts thousands of visitors to the country throughout the year. The permit enables you access the park and enjoy the safari adventure.

Its always advisable to book a permit some months in before you travel. These permits are on a high demand. We are always available to make all the necessary arrangements for buying a permit plus organising the entire tour. About 100 permits are available each day for visitors. Revenues from gorilla tourism are partly used by the government in the conservation efforts of the mountain gorillas.

Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

Tourists getting briefing in preparation for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda, the land of 1000 hills as popularly known is a home to the Mountain Gorillas. Gorillas are found at the Volcanoes National Park situated in the north of the country. At this vast park, gorilla safaris take place on a daily basis throughout the year. Gorillas are grouped into families which are visited by a limited number of tourists.

Gorilla Tracking adventure in the park.

Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

Tourists posing for a picture. Behind are mountain gorillas in Rwanda

On the day of the trekking, its ideally advisable to spend a night before near the accommodations around the park. But for a one day tour, one can sleep in Kigali, wake up very early, drive to the park, do the trekking and return in the evening. In the morning after breakfast, you transfer to the park offices in Kinigi. At Kinigi, you will get briefing about the gorilla tracking rule before starting the thrilling escapade in the jungle. The staffs at Volcanoes National Park are very professional and run very good and enjoyable safaris to the visitors’ satisfaction.

On the day of your trekking tour, you will leave early in the morning for the tracking exercise in the forest. Your driver guide will take you from the lodge or hotel to Kinigi where the park offices are found. The guides will brief you about the tracking process plus highlighting about the rules and regulations regarding visiting gorillas in the jungle.

After briefing, you are set off for the exercise with all the team members to the gorilla family you would have been allocated. Your guide and rangers will then lead you along some good paths into the woodland. The height above sea level is above 2,500m, so the hiking pace is unhurried, the trekking is tedious and can be steep in parts, lasting about an hour and more.

When you come across the gorillas, its a moment of relief from hiking and extreme happiness. When the gorilla spot their guests, they’ll continue with their feeding on the vegetation and interactions, remaining casually calm and peaceful before their human visitors but watching you with a keen interest.

At times, a playful young one will come to you with curiosity, somehow very close that you may have to give a distance. Gorilla trekkers are allowed one hour to be with the mountain gorillas, during which they take photos, ask questions in soft voices and observing closely. after gorilla trekking, you will be led back by your guides to the starting point where you usually find your driver. This marks the end of the marvellous safari to see gorillas in Rwanda.

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