Gorilla Trekking Packing List

Gorilla Trekking Packing list  – What to Bring on a Safari

Gorilla Trekking Packing ListUnderstand your gorilla trekking packing list. Before you set off from home coming to Rwanda or Uganda on a gorilla safari. Look and the list keenly and know what to bring with you. We advise that you look at a list of items that you need to park in your bag(s). It is not a must that you have to bring all of them, but some of them. Your specific interests and safari preferences will guide you on what to bring on you gorilla tour. The following are the items to consider into you safari bag:-

– 1-or 2 shirts, preferably long sleeved

– about 2 short sleeved shirts or more

– 3 to 4 pairs of lighter trousers/pants which can quickly dry in case you are trekking

– A pair of short trousers

– A sweater where necessary

– One windproof and waterproof jacket

– For women, a skirt is advisable

– Gloves similar to those of gardening for gorilla trekking

– Solid water-resistant walking gumboots. You will tuck into socks while trekking gorillas

– A Pair of sports sandals, for example Tevas

– A Hut for sun protection

– Underwear, Lightweight mohair socks

– Swimsuit (and a plastic bag)


– Camera, extra lenses and extra batteries

– Film mainly fast film for the mountain gorillas.

– Flashlight and binoculars

– Insect repellent with DEET. (DEET is known to be the highly effective and well studied repellent against mosquitoes presently available on the market)

– Sunblock or a sunscreen

– Shades or sun goggles

– Private toiletries and small day pack

– Medicines, in case one is drugs for some ailments

– Kleenex tissues

– A Small notepad

Note: You may pack those items you feel are more important to you. And leave others out of the list.

At AAB Tours and Travel, we wish you an enjoyable gorilla safari or wildlife tour.